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 In the daily routine, I am busy these days so that I am not able to write the blog. so that I am waiting for these blogs after two to three days. The main reason is I have mid sem exam concocted by the college. Now I am coming to the point, In the daily activity of the paragraph, I have discussed the motivational quotes given by the successful person in the world, or in other words, you can say that inspirational quotes given the richest man in the world. I discuss motivational quotes every day because it is really helpful in your life. I am sharing the motivational quotes in terms of the image so that people easily understand. In the daily routine paragraph, I have explained or mentioned each of the moments in the morning routine. I have discussed at the professional level. Now I have wake up at seven o clock then I take shower then I have breakfast with a tee. when I was drinking the tee at that time I was reading the newspaper. I have noticed some points for example On the front pa

27/8/2020 Thursday


Today, I will start a blog with a powerful, very creative, and totally different way. I will be sharing information related to Russian president Putin. Few people are heard about the Russian president. he an only man, which is having a powerful mindset. Russian president good relations with many developing countries. Indian prime minister visited Russian country lats year. currently, Putin was taken many projects to implement his country. Yesterday I was discussed about American president and I told in a foreign country that only one position is main for example president. If you wanted to know about Donald Trump then visited my previous blog. I am sharing a wonderful statement given by the Russian president.


In the morning, I wake up at 8:30am. I have read a newspaper in the morning. I have breakfast at 9:00am. I went to the market and I have purchased product which is used in daily life. I have attended one online lecture based on material handling. you can see, Nowadays In the industries are using different material handling equipment depending on the requirement. I have not discussed the whole lecture but I was given a simple idea. Then I have a rest between to lecture. during this brack, I have checked all messages on social media and depending on the time requirement. then I have attended one lectured based on industries hydraulic, I hope few people are hard about half term hydraulic because In my blog I have discussed JCB. Now I am coming on the point, during this lecture faculty was discussing various fluid properties. I have completed the lecture at 1:05pm.

In the afternoon, I have lunch at 1:20pm. then I have spent time on social media. then I have started joining another lecture based on robotics. I hope, most of the people are heard about this team because In robotics when you are going to market and purchased robotics It is an important thing to have sufficient knowledge about the degree of freedom. If you want to know about the degree of freedom then get information by google just go and search it. At the time of august ten, I have attended a webinar on three days and I have got mail today you are getting your certificate. this a nice certificate from the world book of record by the UK. I am sharing a certificate end of this blog.

In the technical part of this blog is based on the concrete and iron rod. Today I will discuss the technical point civil engineering aspect...why iron rod is used at a time of construction??

To answer this question is I will explain my own word. when we are using a contrate, it is brittle material because of brittleness property. it sustains less load. when we are using a contract with an iron rod, It is becoming more hard means less brittle and it sustains more load. compare with the first case only counter is having less strength compared to the second case this is the main reason. In the construction, people are used to the Iron rod.concrete is less string in tension but iron rod strong in tension.

In the evening, I called my brother, he told me tomorrow, My house roof will be filled with the welp of concrete and iron rod. Today iron rod was fitted with the help of various support. I drunk coffee at 5:30pm. I went to village and then I have gone to the Hanumanji temple. I returned home at 7:00pm. I have watched a TV special serials like come investigation department. It is the oldest serial and it is a very interesting serial fro me. I have dinner at 8:30pm. then I wrote this blog. It is my humble request to all readers after reading this blog press the follow button and for those people are not finding a follow button. they contact me. 


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powerful daily routine with inspirational quotes given by the successful person| daily routine for student |daily routine activities everyday workout|daily routine paragraph,

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