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 In the daily routine, I am busy these days so that I am not able to write the blog. so that I am waiting for these blogs after two to three days. The main reason is I have mid sem exam concocted by the college. Now I am coming to the point, In the daily activity of the paragraph, I have discussed the motivational quotes given by the successful person in the world, or in other words, you can say that inspirational quotes given the richest man in the world. I discuss motivational quotes every day because it is really helpful in your life. I am sharing the motivational quotes in terms of the image so that people easily understand. In the daily routine paragraph, I have explained or mentioned each of the moments in the morning routine. I have discussed at the professional level. Now I have wake up at seven o clock then I take shower then I have breakfast with a tee. when I was drinking the tee at that time I was reading the newspaper. I have noticed some points for example On the front pa

5/8/2020 Wednesday

Lucky Panchal

Today, I will start a blog with a great, richest, successful person in the world.he is the only person which is connected to the world's most famous automotive company. the name of the company is Audi. I hope all people are familiar with this name. Now I will discuss the successful, most brilliant, and current CEO of the Audi company. the of this person is Rupert Stadler. He was giving a statement or statement in her meeting, communication with many people, international conferences, seminars, and various platforms. I will give you brief information related to the Audi company and also discuss a statement given by the Rupert Stadler.


In the morning, I wake up at 7:30am. I have breakfast at 8:30am. I collected all information related to the CEO of Audi and Audi's company mentioned above using google. When I am searching on the online one thing I have noticed One song based on Audi car sang by kinjal dave. Today is a special day for me because of My father's birthday. I made one video related to  My father's birthday. I upload this video on the various WhatsApp groups and social media.

In the afternoon,I visited my relative home. And I have enjoyed with my relative due to coronavirus So many relatives come to my house. Some relatives were never meet before.they are meet at a time of marriage or very close occasion. But I was leaving Rajkot for 20 years.I have lunch At 2:00pm. I watched a TV for entertainment. In my technical part Today I will be discussing related to the car dashboard.

what is the car speedometer??

With such a significant number of hues in the rainbow, do you ever ask why tires are in every case downright dark? Vehicles themselves come in many shades, however not tires.The elastic that tires are sourced from is a smooth white shading, yet carbon dark is added to the elastic as a balancing out concoction compound and makes the tire dark. Carbon dark is joined with different polymers to make the tire's track compound. The expansion of carbon dark to the elastic builds the sturdiness and quality of the tire while obscuring its shading. 

Carbon dark is a significant added substance to the tire as it can broaden the tire's life expectancy by leading the warmth away from the pieces of the vehicle that will in general get hot during driving, for example, the belt territories and the track. Carbon dark shields the tire from the harming impacts of UV light and ozone, two known components that add to the weakening of the tire. Furthermore, on the grounds that carbon dark makes the tire more grounded, it prompts a more solid drive. This, thusly, keeps the driver of the vehicle more secure.

In the evening, I have drunk tea at 5:30pm. I visited one relative home. and I have bought a cake because of my father's birthday.I have called all the relatives and my father's friends to celebrate his birthdays. Many people were giving a gift to my father and click photos and videos.My father gave party to all the people. It is really nice to experience in my life. And finally, all members went to the pellet hotel modasa. I have dinner at 8:30 pm. I returned home at 9:30pm.then finally I have written this blog. I will meet you in the next blog with an amazing, interesting story.

stay home stays safe.


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powerful daily routine with inspirational quotes given by the successful person| daily routine for student |daily routine activities everyday workout|daily routine paragraph,

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