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 In the daily routine, I am busy these days so that I am not able to write the blog. so that I am waiting for these blogs after two to three days. The main reason is I have mid sem exam concocted by the college. Now I am coming to the point, In the daily activity of the paragraph, I have discussed the motivational quotes given by the successful person in the world, or in other words, you can say that inspirational quotes given the richest man in the world. I discuss motivational quotes every day because it is really helpful in your life. I am sharing the motivational quotes in terms of the image so that people easily understand. In the daily routine paragraph, I have explained or mentioned each of the moments in the morning routine. I have discussed at the professional level. Now I have wake up at seven o clock then I take shower then I have breakfast with a tee. when I was drinking the tee at that time I was reading the newspaper. I have noticed some points for example On the front pa

daily activity with positive quotes 3/9/2020 Thursday

 Lucky Panchal

Today I will explain a good daily routine. In this blog, I will be giving you my daily routine example in a nice way.I will start a blog with my daily routine stories and activity. Today I will be discussing the president of  Afghanistan. the name of this powerful man is Ashraf Ghani. he is a powerful person in the world. In the daily habits of this person is to wake up early in the morning and he is reading new articles on the various social media platform. I would like to discuss the statement and thoughts given by Ashraf Ghani. the statement mentioned below.


In the morning routine, I have fixed some habits for example to In the working days I wake up early in the morning. I have breakfast at 8:00am. then I have read the newspaper. Now I was searching on google and collected information regarding the Afghanistan president and various projects he was taking during the coronavirus.  I have attended online lectures based on infrastructure planning and management and one more lecture-based on industrial hydraulic. the faulty was explaining with PPT and many different online modes but all over I have got many interesting concepts. begore starting the online lecture I have visited one home.

In the afternoon daily activity, I have lunch at 1:10pm. then I watched TV serials like CID. then I have attended one more lecture based on the robotics and I made two amazing videos with mind-blowing editing and finally, I have completed the whole video with a thumbnail, I uploaded two videos on my channel. I hope, All people are heard about my youtube channel but I will tell you again, the name of the youtube channel is lucky the expert in the car. then I have spent one to two hour on the internet then I have checked my fee payment status because when I gave money in the online mode at that time error was coming to your transition filed but In my institute, there is some kind of system and finally I have got receipts of my fee payment. I drunk a tee at 4:00pm. then I have watched the news for fifteen minutes. 

In the evening, especially I would like to give some tips which are implemented in my life so that In daily routine for a healthy body and mind. I went to Hanumanji temple and I have read some interesting stories based on the various god. then I helped my father to write aekam kasoti. I have written around three and a half hours. during this time period. I went to the market and purchased new products which are used in my daily activity and I have bought some vegetables. then I returned to home at 8:00pm. Now I  have dinner at 8:30pm. then I watched a TV serial fro entertainment then I wrote this blog. I will meet you in the next blog.

In the daily activity, when I was searching on google and spending time on the internet. I have collected information regarding my technical topic, Today I will be discussing on the nomenclature of the IC engine. After an explanation on this blog If you have any doute then visite my youtube channel(lucky the expert in a car). I am starting technical information with four-stroke engines. the name itself tells about various stages included in the internal combustion engine, Today I will give you brief information regarding these stages. The first one is an intake, during this stage inlet valve open to allowed fuel into the combustion chamber then the second stage, compression, during this stage, the piston moves upwards and compresses the fuel in the sept volume. then the third one is power stock, during this stage, You can get useful power and the last stock is, exhaust, during this stoke the unwanted gases realized with the help of an exhaust valve.


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powerful daily routine with inspirational quotes given by the successful person| daily routine for student |daily routine activities everyday workout|daily routine paragraph,

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