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 In the daily routine, I am busy these days so that I am not able to write the blog. so that I am waiting for these blogs after two to three days. The main reason is I have mid sem exam concocted by the college. Now I am coming to the point, In the daily activity of the paragraph, I have discussed the motivational quotes given by the successful person in the world, or in other words, you can say that inspirational quotes given the richest man in the world. I discuss motivational quotes every day because it is really helpful in your life. I am sharing the motivational quotes in terms of the image so that people easily understand. In the daily routine paragraph, I have explained or mentioned each of the moments in the morning routine. I have discussed at the professional level. Now I have wake up at seven o clock then I take shower then I have breakfast with a tee. when I was drinking the tee at that time I was reading the newspaper. I have noticed some points for example On the front pa

daily routine workout with positive quotes.

 Today, I will start a blog in a very effective way. You are familiar with my structure of each daily routine paragraph. In the daily activities, in the particular first paragraph, I will be telling motivational quotes given by successful people in the world. He is CEO of google company I hope most of the people re heard about the name google but for those people who are not understanding the google CEO name and its achievement how to achieve his position is my humble request please visit my proviso blog. Currently I am sharing a motivational quote in terms of image. You have noticed in my every blog I am sharing an image because it is easy to understand or in other words, you can say that images attract more people. The motivational questions mentioned below.

In the daily activity with morning stories, I wake up early in the morning then I take shower, and then I have breakfast with a tee. when I was reading a newspaper at that time I was drinking a tee. when I was reading a newspaper I have noticed some points, for example, today I am sharing interesting news in terms of education you all are familiar with coronavirus during this dangerous time period all the sectors is moving toward the online. It means all the sectors are moving toward the online platform. After reading the news related to coronavirus and the number of cases of coronavirus and I have started to attend a online lecture. The first lecture based on industrial hydraulic. During this lecture, I have got beautiful information regarding the various types of pumps used in the present time depending on the requirement . and most of the companies and industries are selected a pump depending on the requirement. Then I have taken a rest then I have attended one more lecture base don the material handling systems during this lecture I have got beautiful information related to various conveyors used in the material handling depeding on the company requirement and the load of the material. When I was attending a lecture at that time I have decided in my technical part I have discussed topics related to conveyors. In the morning two lectures I have finished at one pm. Morning two lecture is very nice and huge potential inside these two lectures.

In the daily activities with afternoon stories, I have explained on a professional level so that everybody is understood whole or you can say that each daily the routine paragraph in a very easy way. Then I have lunch at one pm. When I was eating at that time I watched TV serials like the crime investigation department. I have spent time on Tv then I have attended the afternoon lecture which is related to robotics during this lecture I have got beautiful information related to various joints used in the robots and various parameters consider when you are designing a robot depending on the customer requirement. Then I have given an answer related to questions on social media. I have watched many videos on youtube which is related to the enginnering field. I have read a book which is related to motivational book because when you have free time at the time I was reading a motivational quote it gives you better ides interm of how to develop your career and one more thing I would like to tell you after reading these types of the book or the statement you can move your life in a next-level its gives you sufficient power in order to face various problems in the future, this is the following reason people are generally read a book. Then I watched TV for the news channel at four pm. I have spent time half an hour on Tv and One relative called me I have spent half an hour's time in video calling on WhatsApp.

In the daily activities with evening stories explained in a very effective way I have already mentioned in my first paragraph. Now coming on the point after watching the Tv I drink a tee at five pm. Then I went to kuvadava city with my friends because he wants to purchase many products and various parts used in the heavy truck. He is given his truck in the garage. The worker called to my friends he tells in tomorrow give me various new equipment so that is the reason I have visited the shop. Then I have bought some glossary and various product use din te daily life. I have spent one hour time on the city or you cans ay that in the market when the government gives permission to reopen the shop, this is the main reason to traffic in the market people are easily moved or there is no restriction of police otherwise during the coronavirus lockdown time period no one can move outside home. I have returned home at six-thirty pm. Then I went to Hanumanji temple. I have spent time in this beautiful place. Then I have watched da Tv for entertainment. Now I have dinner at night pm. Then I have written one assignment t related to the material handling system. I have prepared in pdf format deepening on the equipment. Now I have uploaded on the google form. Then I watched the court series. Then I wrote this blog. I will meet you in the next effective blog with a high quality of the technical information.

 In my technical part I would like to discuss various types of conveyor use din the industries, In the present time depending on the company requirement used various types of conveyors. In this daily routine paragraph, I am sharing the beautiful information related to various types of conveyors. I am sharing the name of these different conveyors in the upcoming blog I will be giving you detailed ideas about each type. Currently, I am sharing the name of the different conveyor used in the present time.1. belt conveyors, 2. Roller conveyors, 3. Salt conveyors, 4. Ball transformer roller, 5. Overhead conveyors, 6. Pneumatic conveyors. , 7. Buket conveyors, 8. Vibrating conveyors. Depending on the application and size of the martial industries are installed various types of conveyors.


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powerful daily routine with inspirational quotes given by the successful person| daily routine for student |daily routine activities everyday workout|daily routine paragraph,

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